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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Walking Dead of Coyote Gulch

I couldn't leave well enough alone, and since our game group likes Wild West and Zombie games, I decided to run a game combining both, but didn't tell the players. Let's just say it made for an interesting game.

The premise was that one group of players were the 'outlaws', stopping in one early morning to rob the bank.  The other group of players were the survivors of the zombie onslaught, holed up in their buildings until an opportunity to escape presented itself.  Welcome the outlaw gang, with a fresh group of horses to leave town on.

It was a carefully planned and well thought out plan to rob the bank...with one little exception.

The first outlaws to enter the bank only found it vacant and blood all over the floor.  When they investigated the moaning from the back room of the bank, and where the safe was, they encountered 2 zombies feeding on the remains of the bank owner and teller.  Needless to say, they didn't wait around and quickly ran out the bank and down the street as fast as they could.  The look on the other outlaw players faces were priceless, because they were not privy to the 'goings-on' inside the bank.  They just took their cue and ran too, faster when more zombies appeared.  Though it got even more confusing as the remaining townies also took to the street to make their escape.  It became a race for the horses.

 Here's what the Town looks like all set up and ready to go.

 Another view of the town.

 The local Grocery (Modeled after Publix)

 Our local game store: Green Dragon Games & Billiards.Note the outlaws taking up a position to make their escape after the bank robbery.

 Another outlaw readies his position.

 The outlaws planned a diversion for the robbery; set fire to the dentist's office.

 Two of the towns-ladies try to make their escape.  This Zombie was leveled with a double barrelled shotgun blast to the head.  

 Some zombies make their way into town through the fields.

A view down Main Street.

 The poor black 'smithy' didn't stand a chance.

 Not only are they fighting the zombies to make it to the horses, but the outlaws are having to fight it out with the townies as well.

A final stand in the middle of the street, outlaws and townies battling zombies.  Unfortunately, all the horses are gone, and there's more zombies on the way.

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