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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

20mm Modern: Iraqi Battle at the 'Alamo'

This game was based on an actual event in Iraq. (I've got to locate my notes for all of the details of this engagement and post it later.)  20mm minatures and the "Jihad!" rules by Stan Johansen Miniatures was used.

The summary of this battle is that the U.s. army has established an outpost in this part of Iraq, located at the south-west corner of the intersection.  On this day, the insurgents began an organized attack on the outpost.  The U.S. soldiers must hold out at all costs until reinforcements arrive.

An overview of the table.  The U.S. outpost is at the SW corner of the road intersection.  Across the intersection is a dry riverbed and bridge heading north out of the sector.

Here is the fortified compound, affectionately referred to as the 'Alamo'.

Insurgents eye the outpost from just past the dry river bed.

Form the south, the insurgents have a lot of hiding places and cover available to them.

A local shopping district. A few insurgents make their way across the street, heading towards the Alamo.
The U.S. forces, observing lots of enemy movement nearby, appear to be gearing up for the attack.

During the insurgent assault, an A-10 Warthog happened to be in the neighborhood and supplied some well needed aerial supression.  A well-aimed missile just took out one of the buildings harboring some intense insurgent firing. 

Despite heavy fire from the rooftops, the civilian car made it all the way to the gated entry and exploded in a fireball as it was packed with explosives. U.S. casualties were limited, but the U.S. forces were able to withstand the insurgent onslaught.

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