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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

20mm Modern: Afghanistan Village held Hostage

For a change of pace, I set up a fictitious Afghan village that was supposedly being held hostage by the Taliban. U.S. forces were sent to investigate the local reports and assist the local residents if at all possible. We use the expanded "Jihad!" rules which makes for a good skirmish level game, with appropriate ground and aerial vehicles.

You can find the rules here: http://www.stanjohansenminiatures.com/jihad_opener.htm  I helped to add/expand on the rules for vehicles and added my own asset cards for both insurgents and regular troops (U.S. and allies).  In the future, I plan to use these rules for formed troop vs. formed troop games. (Such as Iraqi army vs. U.S. and U.K. forces, Russian vs. NATO, and etc..)

Here are some pics of the 2008 game:

 Here's an overview of the walled Afghan village. U.S. vehicles entered from the top of the photo and across the bridge. One unit deploys closest to the bridge while another deploys right her in the foreground.

 After receiving additional reports from the locals, the U.S. Squads start checking buildings and entering the village.

 Something isn't right in this section of the village as the villagers are taking cover.  There may be some insurgents close by.  In anticipation, the Humvee and Stryker take up a defensive position to provide large caliber fire power.

 A U.S. squad tosses a couple of flash-bang (concussion) grenades before entering this structure. 

 The team prepares to enter the building.  You'll note that most of my buildings not only have removable roofs, but the buildings come apart in the event of explosions due to explosives or large caliber artillery/armor firing.  

The Squad carefully maneuvers along one side of the alley in preparation for an ambush.

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