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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

28mm Samurai Miniatures

Here's some pics of what's left of my current Samurai Clan.
Our local gaming group each had a clan of figures and painted them in 'sports team' colors.  I chose the red/black scheme and these were my Samurai Bulls.
Most of my custom Japanese Terrain/buildings was left behind in Tallahassee when I left.  The wooden gate is all I have left of the walled compound.

6mm Star Wars "Battle of Hoth"

Here's some pics of my 6mm Battle of Hoth miniatures. I use a home-brew set of rules, but also use the WEG (West End Games) edition of 'Battle of Hoth".

The AT-AT's are Ertyl Models. Each model also comes with 2 snowspeeders and a Rebel Golan Turret.  The Shield Generator in the lower right is custom made. The Snowspeeders have a hole drilled through them to slide up and down on the wire, mounted to a metal washer and nut. A small piece of foam below the speeder keeps it at the desired height.

The Rebel Hoth troopers are modified 6mm Epic Eldar, with their cone-shaped heads re-sculpted (a nip and tuck here and there) to resemble the Rebel Hoth 'Kepi'.   

The Imperial Snowtroopers are also modified 6mm Epic Eldar.  Again, with the heads re-shaped to resemble Imperial troops.

I needed a 'downed' rebel pilot or a few, so I converted some more epic.  

In addition to the snowspeeder models that came with the walkers, I also have the Micromachine Snowspeeders which are identical in size.
For additional Rebel and Imperial troops, you can also find them in the Rebel Transport/Echo Base model from Ertyl. It also comes with a model of the Rebel Transport and a Millenium Falcon. 

10mm Battle of Islandlwana

I've been a little lax lately, so I need to post some pics of past games.

Here's a few pics from a 2009 game of the "Battle of Islandlwana" with my 10mm Colonial/Zulu miniatures.
 Here's the column of British troops marching along.
A closer look at the 10mm troops. 

Here, the battle unfolds as the British engage the Zulus on several fronts in order to protect the wagons & supplies. 

The "spread out" British line is proving not to be much of a match for the zulu impis.