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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A 15mm ACW meeting engagement

I like generic/ficticious scenarios so that the game is based more on tactics rather than gaming the historical aspect of the battle.

 An overview of the board.  The Union on the lower left needing to cross and deploy across the bridge, and the Union on the upper left deployed in line.  The Confederate troops are entering and deploying from the right.

 The Confederates have easliy moved into a distinctive line along the road and fences.  The Union seems to be having issues coming through the cornfield and the woods to the lower right.

 The Union troops finally appear at the edge of the woods. Artillery is actively firing in the center of the lines.

 A closer look at the Union left flank.  The extreme left flank Union units would eventually force the rebvels behind the stone fence to rout out of the way, threatening the Rebel right flank.

On the Confederate left, the Rebels are making a strong push, forcing the Union to withdraw amongst intense infnatry and artillery fire.

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