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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

20mm Iraqi Road Signs and Such

Here are some 20mm Iraqi road signs and such that I have created and use in my games.

Here are some road side, directional signs.

Here are some photos of actual roadsigns and a couple of the billboards (Iraqi Airways and Al Jazeera)

 Here are some signs for Iraqi checkpoints and such, including warning signs and flags.

Here are some photos of the signs in actual use.

 Here are some posters and signs to be placed inside or outside of buildings.  I placed the money images on a wooden table as part of an objective to find the 'money man' for the insurgent operation.  Some of the other ones include pictures or murals of Sadaam Hussein for the outside of Bathist held areas or as interior wall posters. Also are some Iraqi maps, perhaps to be used by the insurgents to plan attacks. (another one of my objective markers.)  The Pink one is for a child day care center.


  1. David, I'm really impressed with your flags, posters, Persian carpets and other creations. Absolutely great stuff.

  2. These are great, thanks heaps for sharing,
    we do 28mm but I'm sure I can get some of it to work with our terrain.