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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

15mm ACW: Battle while on the march to Bull Run

After reading about this battle that happened on the way to Bull Run (second I think?), I had to run one and finally got to do it.  The Scenario starts with a Union Division marching down a road on the way to Bull Run.  Mistake #1 is that they did not deploy flankers as they were in a hurry.  When the army got to a certain spot, with woods about 200-400 feet from the road, the hidden Confederate forces unleashed a ferocious fire of infantry rifles and artillery upon the flank of the road column. When I read that in the book, I just cringed at the thought; "..a surprise, first fire, flank shot, into a road column, at normal to close range."  The Union forces, crumbled at first, licked their wounds, and managed to deploy and chase off the Rebel forces in order to continue their march.

Here's the game:

 Here's the aftermath on about turn 2, after the surprise first fire by the rebels.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the original setup. Note the empty holes on the road where there are not troops.  One noteworthy action of valor is the Union artillery stand, towards the top of the photo and to the left of the road.  That artillery unit lost 2/3 of it's men in the opening volley, successfully made all of it's morale rolls, unlimbered it's remaining gun, and began to fire double-cannister at the advancing Confederate unit.  Unfortunatley for the rebel force, this was the beginning of really good Union die rolls and really bad die rolls for the Confederacy.  

 There 'was' a continuous line of soldiers on the road when the game started. The fire was quite effective to the center of the Union Column, marginal effects to the head of the column, and almost no effect to the rear of the column.

 Several units in the Union center either routed or were removed/dispersed on the spot due to the carnage inflicted. The surviving lead Union elements (to the right) were able to easily deploy in line and find a stone wall for protection.  The remaining units in the center attempt to regroup and take cover among the wood fences.

 The lone Union General turning around and exclaiming, "Hey, where'd all you guy go?"

 The rear Union units successfully deployed and gave a good fire into the Confederate right flank.  The bad Rebel die rolls continued as several morale rolls of snake eyes caused most of the right flank to vanish.  The Union units moved quickly to continue the roll up of the flank.  The Union battery was able to limber up and move closer to plug the holes in the center of the Union line, further to the right.

Another view of at least 5 routing CSA infantry units and 2 stands of artillery crew from the Rebel right flank.

After the "Great Rebel Rout", the reformed Union troops pushed the Confederate troops furhter into the woods until they could continue their line of march towards Bull Run.

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