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Friday, December 16, 2011

Plastic Canvas Seven Years War 6mm troops

I'm a big fan of the Age of Reason rules for the Seven years War (SYW).  However, I don't have any miniatures for the time period as members of a past game group had all of the necessary miniatures.

After seeing a few post online, I decided to try my hand at making my own 6mm SYW troops out of plastic canvas (The 'granny' stuff that when stitched with yarn, makes creative tissue box covers and other assorted items.)  The good news is that this same technique can be used really for any type of black powder troops...AWI, Napoleonics, ACW, and etc.

So, here's the results so far.

Here's how the cuts are made to the plastic canvas for the different troop types.
However, I think I'm going to try to make the infantry/crew 2 segments tall instead of only 1 on my next troops.  I'll post again on those results.  

 Here's the type of plastic canvas I use.  It comes in a variety of colors too, so if painting isn't your thing, buy it in the appropriate color for your troops.

 Here's some mock-ups of the artillery.  The Artillery trail, carriage and barrel are plastic canvas. 
The wheels are 1/4" sequins glued to the sides.

 Here are some infantry ranks glued to their bases.

 Here's a closer shot of the infantry.  I used a small nail for a flagstaff and glued on a mini-flag.

 Here are some buildings simply cut from some balsa wood scraps and painted.

Here are some horses and riders mounted for officers.

Here are some of my first completed figures for the Austrian Army.
I plan on completed the armies for all seven major powers for the Age of Reason campaign game.
(Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, Ottoman, and Sweden)

 Austrian Cavalry (4 foot rule)

 A close-up of the Austrian Cavalry.

 More Austrian cavalry.

 Austrian Artillery.  Note the four different sizes of guns.  The bases are deeper and the gun carriage is longer as the guns become heavier. Each gun has 4 bases of crew.

 Here are some Austrian Infantry (Militia, Lights, Line, and Guard) with the 4 foot rule.

 A close-up of the Austrian Line Infantry.

A close-up of the Austrian Light Infantry.

I think that once they are painted, based and flocked, they look pretty good when you consider how cheap they were to make.  

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