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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seminole Wars: A Water Crossing, game 1.

Another common scenario, while using the Brother Against Brother (BAB) rules, is to defend the river while the army successfully crosses the ford along one of the many Florida roads, such as the Fort King Road.   Most of the Seminole and US figures are from the old Frontier line.  I plan on adding some of the Old Glory Seminoles and US in the future.  Here are some pics. Enjoy my attempts at the Florida terrain.

 I was a bad boy.  I ran this game and the figure bases weren't finished and the artillery limber and horses were only primed. Shame on me.

 An overview of the board.  The column of troops start out on the far right end of the board.

 Here come the Regulars. The road is simply sand from my yard here in Florida. Au natural! (and for the anal-retentive, yes, my musicians have the 'reverersed' color [red] frock coats that they are supposed to have.) 

 Four point men were foolishly sent out ahead of the column.  A volley fire from the hidden Seminoles quickly ended their service.

 The Column quickly forms line and swaps a volley with the Seminoles and deploys the cannon to the left. One variant rule that we use is that the Seminoles fire degrades as they fire. (They simply didn't keep their rifles in 'great' order and retreated once the guns were fowled.) After about the third volley fire, the Seminole rifles/muskets are essentially useless and should retire or face the hard steel of the bayonet.  Therefore, they make sure to make that first volley count.

The Seminoles have fared well, inflicting numerous casualties, including all of the artillery crew and a good portion of the lead squad/company.

 The US regulars proceed down the road with flankers present s they near the river ford.

 Some GA Militia (primed only black) take position along the river before the army crosses.

 Some US regulars charge the hammock, giving the Seminoles some cold steel.

 "Give'm the bayonet, boys!"

 The Seminoles have managed to decimate the Georgia Militia and are preventing the river crossing.

 The cannon is brought to the front, re-crewed, and aimed down the road towards the ford. "Fire!" The U.S. Marines protect the artillery's right flank.

 The Seminoles won't stand long against the continued artillery fire.

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