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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Car Wars: Florida Memorial Penal Arena

I'm a big fan of Car Wars and it was the first 'war game' I ever played. (Look for my name inside the Car Wars East Coast Atlas.)

I created a great scenario for conventions revolving around a penal arena.  Convicted convicts are given a chance for freedom by auto-duelling in the arena.  The winner gets a pardon and his freedom.

Of course, I don't do anything small, so we play at 300% of the standard Car Wars scale, using 3D, 20mm (1/72nd) cars and figures. (As opposed to the 1/2"x1" flat counters on a 1/2" grid map.)  Here are some pics of a recent match. 
The Florida Memorial Penal Arena 

 The line-up of available vehicles.

 The battle has begun.

 More battle goodness.

 Sedans with rockets and MG's.  Each vehicle is mounted on a 1 1/2" x 3" foam core base.  Makes movement a lot easier with the turning key. (see below)

 Pickups with turreted Mini-guns and MG's on the hood.

 Sedans with roof mounted HVY rockets and rocket launcher on the hood.

 Sedans with a turreted recoilless rifle on the roof.

 Mighty mini-vans with micro-missile launcher to the sides and an Auto-cannon on the hood.
"Look, it's Mom's taxi on steroids!"
These are the left and right turning keys (templates) that we use for the 300% game. (for scale reference, that inside 'L' shape is 3" x 6".)

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