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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Second Seminole War: Defend the Camp

When I run Seminole Indian War skirmish games, I use the "Brother Against Brother" rules which are simple and perfect for any black powder era skirmish level game. I also use it for ACW and future AWI games.  There is also a WWII BAB variant available that we use for 20mm WWII games.

A common scenario is that an encampment of US regulars and/or volunteers is attacked by a group of Seminoles and Negros. Here are some pics, some earlier than others. (Some figures didn't have their bases finished yet.  They are now.)

The US Regulars make a stand against the Seminole Attack out of the adjacent pine hammock.  

US Regulars return enemy fire from the camp outskirts across the river. 

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