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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pickets Charge in 15mm

On our July 4th, 2009 game night, I decided to do part of the second day of Gettysburg, Pickets Charge.  I ran the game using the modified Johnny Reb 2.5 rules.

Here's a good map showing the starting positions of the troops. I had most of the regiments represented on the board, with close to 1600 miniatures on the board representing about 40,000 troops. (1:25)
 An Overview of the battlefield from the north.  Emmitsburg Road runs down the center of the table.  Note the 8th OH out in no-man's land. This table is about 4'x9'.
(Union on the left, Confederates on the right)

The beginning of Pickett's Charge.  Note, we did allow the Rebels to bring some artillery with them.

 Looking over the Union lines towards the Rebels.

 Here comes the waves of Confederate troops.

The 8th Ohio is pushed back over the road and fences by the farm. The Union forces are ready behind the stone walls.

 The Rebels make it to the road with a few artillery casualties.

 All the Union units lined up for the upcoming fight.

 The Right Wing of Pickett's charge swings into action.

 The first Rebels cross the Emmitsburg Road.

 Another view from behind the Confederate right wing.

 The Rebels stall at the road by the Trostle House, taking a few more casualties.

 The first Confederate unit to make it in front of the wall.  They would be decimated by Union fire the next turn without support.

The next assault is much more successful.  The Rebels try to assault the bloody angle and quickly find out how it got it's appropriate name.

 The following Confederate Units pour over the fences and try to make it up to the 'high water' mark by the Bloody Angle.

 Another view of the Bloody Angle.

The right wing is making it's way across the open terrain.

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