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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

15mm ACW: Battle of Cross Keys, June 8, 1862

Here are some pics from the game that I ran of the Battle of Cross Keys, June 8, 1862.  Some of the pictures are of the full battlefield (5'x8') and a couple are from a 1/2 game where I only set up half of the field, with some restrictions.  That scenario involved the Confederate right and the Union left.

Here on the Confederate Right, the Union made the mistake of letting the rebels take the high ground and the forest in the center of the photo. 

The rebels are massed and waiting for the attack Union attack.  Skirmishers move up towards the Confederate line.  

 The Virgina Boys (CSA) are well formed and waiting for the approaching Union troops.  Note the rebel artillery behind the fence. Many Union troops will die crossing the fences and trying to come across the field.

Here's a picture of the whole 5'x8' battlefield.  The confederate line stretches from the left side of the hill/forest terrain all the way to the far right corner. The Union enters from the left side of the table. The town of Cross Keys is just out of the picture at the lower left. 

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