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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Raid on a Florida Town

I ran an ACW game of Brother Against Brother (BAB) using my newly painted 28mm troops. This scenario was a typical raid by Union troops into the interior of Florida looking for contraband (slaves) and any war materials to capture or destroy such as foodstuffs, bags of salt, beef/cattle, cotton, turpentine, lumber, arms and ammunition, and many others.

 Here's an overview of the town and the Florida landscape.  A store, a stable/storehouse, a corral, some fields and a residence or two.

The Rebels have set up some hasty works in the middle of town and garrisoned it with the local Florida  militia.

 I'll have tutorials later about the cabbage/lettuce patch and the cemetery. Some of the barrels you see are actually wood barrels available in packs of 10 or 20 from Michael's or Hobby Lobby, with some painting done to them.

 (Again Blasphemy...I was using uncompleted figures that didn't have all their paint on.)  The men in blue take up the march on the road.  Men from the 2nd USCT (United States Colored Troops) form up and ready themselves for the march.
 The road into town.

The sounds of Union drums can now be heard.

Just in time, some Confederate Regulars march into town to reinforce the local militia volunteers. Note the ladies who came out of the residence and the blacksmith out of the livery to watch the spectacle.

The advance Union Company opens fire on the local militia, hoping to dislodge them quickly.

The militia opens fire with the 6 pound artillery cannon as support.  Confederate infantry takes up a position on the right and opens up with a brisk fire and a rebel yell.  

Accurate union fire routs the local militia in the center and their artillerymen, allowing the men in blue to advance on the hasty works comprised of boxes, crates, and barrels.

The Rebel troops try to keep the Union aggressors in the center of town.

More rebels would find their way out of town, allowing the advancing Union troops to liberate this town in the name of Abraham Lincoln.  A fine dinner would be had this night, all compliments of the local Florida farmers and cattle ranchers.

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