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Thursday, December 8, 2011

28mm Zombieland game 2

More pics from another Zombieland scenario.  Each group of players has a 'shopping' list they need to find for victory points. We use the 'Dead Walk Again' rules.

 The fictional town of West Chester.

Hint: Never drive into the center of a town of zombies with the police lights flashing and the siren blasting.  It's like a 'blue light special' at K-mart as they soon found out.

Not a very fair fight.  He didn't make it.  

 The remainder of the cops almost got away, until a zombie managed to get in the open door of the car while it was backing up.

One of my favorite billboards. (Note the 3-D cows attached to the billboard, just like a real one.) 

Custom Billboards can be fun. 

Not much use for insurance these days? All my billboards are mounted on magnetic sheets and mount to a metal plate on the billboard structure.  I've got about a dozen different signs for various occasions.

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