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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

20mm Modern Iraqi McDonald's Restaurant and Signs

I had to have a McDonald's in my Iraqi towns to show the western influence. Here are the pics:

 Here are the signs that I use.

 Here is the current McDonald's that I have. Another, better one is planned soon and I will change this building into another shop. Note the construction of the free-standing sign.  The 'extra' yellow rectangle above is to be cut into strips and wrapped around the exposed parts of the golden arches. My two sign halves are glued to a 3/16" thick foam core board.

 Here's one of the McDonald's Billboards. Look ma, it's only 0.2 km ahead on the right.

 Here's the McDonald's in town during a game.

Even insurgents need some directions to the closest Big Mac!  "It's over there, on the left."

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