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Thursday, December 8, 2011

10mm Colonial/Zulu game: "British Column to Ft. Defiance"

Here are some pics from another 10mm Colonial/Zulu game using home rules. The scenario is the "British Column to Ft. Defiance".  The British Column was heading to Ft. Defiance in an effort to resupply it and then start offensive operations in the area. The British did not fare very well against the Zulu onslaught.

Ft. Defiance puts up a smal defense agianst the approaching zulus.

An overview of the table. Ft. Defiance is locate din the lower left.  The relief supply column is entering from the top of the picture.

Zulus launch their attack on the supply column. Some cavalry gets onto the flanks fo the zulus.
The British defenders did not last very long.

The British column deploys into a line to face the zulus.

Some of the British cavalry dismounts to fire.

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