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Thursday, December 29, 2011

20mm Modern: UN convoy through an Iraqi town.

Here was another game of 'Jihad!' run at my house in September, 2009.  The scenario called for a UN supply convoy to travel through town. However, the local insurgents had other plans and they need supplies. When the convoy was attacked, it force some U.S. troops nearby to render some assistance.  Here are the pics:

Here's an overview of the center of town.  The UN Convoy is making it's way through the streets, but being delayed by  a construction project. When the column stops briefly, an insurgent opens fire on the tail HUMVEE from the dry riverbed they just crossed, taking out the 50 cal. gunner.

 A view towards the riverbed hiding some insurgents.

 Off to the left is a U.S. vehicle checkpoint, when the shooting starts.

 An Insurgent technical eyes the UN convoy at the end of the street.

Another view of the convoy and the local terrain.

 Another insurgent technical gets ready to cross the bridge and enter the town, supported by several brothers in arms in the dry riverbed.

 The U.S. checkpoint staff has saddled up and proceeded to the scene in their HUMVEE. The Insurgent technical to the right has disabled the UN supply truck and caused more damage to the UN HUMVEE.  The UN M113 takes a defensive position.

The technical team and the adjacent squad start taking fire from several directions and a few heavy caliber weapons. A TOW missed the technical vehicle, but did hit the adjacent building, causing some havoc. The insurgency would be halted and the UN HUMVEE crew evacuated.  The supply truck was able to continue, but only long enough to get it out of harms way.
Terrain Note: notice the variety of palm tree styles and sizes.  

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