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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

15mm ACW: Attack the Redoubt

Here's an old fictitious Johnny Reb (JR) game that I ran back in 2008.  It involved landing troops on the coast, while under fire.  There were two objectives: (1) try to silence the redoubt batteries and (2) liberate the southern town of it's cotton supplies and any other contraband.

The Union troops have departed the boats and started on their mission(s).
A better view of the whole board.  The Rebel Redoubt causing all the problems is on the left and the town to be liberated is on the right.

Another view of the table.

A better look at the redoubt.  It's certainly not going to be a piece of cake to silence it's guns.
If I remember correctly, the troops that tried the frontal assault suffered dearly in the attack. 
If I had been playing, I would have sent most of my troops (leaving a couple of units down by the water out of range) to the right against the town.  Once the town was sacked...err..'liberated', then I would have pressed the redoubt from the flank and rear, closest to the town.
The Confederate forces set up some resistance in an effort to protect the town. The Union took too long to press the limited Rebel forces in town.  A few more union troops would have made quicker work of the town.
Another view from the 'town' side of the table.  

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