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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seminole Wars: A Water Crossing, game 2.

Here is another game as the US column of troops attempts to cross a ford in the river.  (This time the figure bases are finished.)

 The well formed column snakes along the road with the militia troops being used for the advanced guard and flankers.

Seminoles are discovered on the right.  As the infantry deploys, the 6 pounder cannon is brought forward and deployed on the road for action.

 Hidden Seminoles let loose a volley into the exposed left flank of the column. 

The US Regulars quickly form into line and begin to chase away the ranks of the Seminoles with a bayonet charge on the left. 

The US regulars fire a close range volley prior to closing in for a melee fight.

 Doesn't that column look 'pretty'?

 The US regulars lead the way, followed closely by the artillery, US Marines, and more US regulars.

 The US right flank forms line and charges into the hammock, led by the valiant US Marines.

 The Seminoles give a quick volley of gunfire into the advancing infantry.

 On the other flank, the US regulars have to deal with some Seminoles in the hammock. After being chased off by a Seminole volley, the Georgia Volunteers gather their composure in the trees/cover directly behind the regulars.

 While the US infantry fires a volley, the US Marines make quick work of the Seminoles with their cold steel.

Can you find Osceola? [Seminole version of Waldo.]

 A well timed company volley.

 The Seminoles deliver a resounding volley into the Georgia Volunteers. Without bayonets, the militia is quick to retire to the protection of the regulars.

 The victorious Marines look for any survivors and prisoners.

 The Florida Landscape at the river ford.  A Seminole scout keeps an eye on the approaching army.

 This Seminole band didn't stand a chance against this bayonet charge. Nobody got away and many Seminole women will be wailing for their warriors tonight.

The regulars form up a line of battle as they approach the river crossing.

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