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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"TROOPS" Who you gonna call, who you gonna call...

In 2009 I introduced a SWMB game based on Michael Webb's 'TROOPS' scenario.  There was a video online of a parody of a COPS episode using Imperial Sandtroopers.


This led to the scenario for 'TROOPS'.  Players play either on the side of the crime syndicates or on the side of the Imperial security forces.  Each turn, a card is drawn to show what crime needs to be committed and the reward point values.  Likewise, the local Imperial authorities are alerted to a crime in progress and must respond.  It get humorous when multiple crimes are occurring simultaneously.

Here are some pictures of the Spaceport being used.

 An overview of the city.  The tall 'thingy' in the foreground center is a periscope aimed down the main street. The other side looks like a city shop. Note the '7-11' store to the left with the skiff parked out in front.
(You know it's getting robbed, sometime soon.)

 Further down the street. Docking bay to the right. 7-11 to the left. Imperial Consulate and garrison on the right. Note the 'TROOPS' advertising on the roof to the left.

Somebody's up to no good at the lower right. Two other 'shifty' individuals appear to be in the docking bay near the A-wing fighter.

Here's the central market.  A good place for pick pockets and droid thieves. Note the Rebel troopers in the docking bay at the lower right, exchanging fire with an Imperial detachment, all while being filmed by the INN (Imperial News Network) camera droid '04' on the roof. 

 Some unsavory characters lurking near the residences in the lower part of the picture. Other individuals are gathering behind the multi-level Cantina building. The hustle and bustle of the street can be seen in the background. The 'Tatooine Tours' shuttle can be seen in the upper left. The 'Ronto-Max' is off to the extreme left. (You'd have to see our local 'Car-Max' TV commercials to get the joke.)

 The Imperial protest is in full gear in the town square.  Note the swoop gang that is parked in front of the Cantina building.  That can't be good news?

 ...another view of the town.

 Another overview of the shot. I need a bigger table!

A smuggler's ship is in this docking bay.  I wonder what he's smuggling? Imperial troops appear to have been dispatched to break up the protest before rioting begins.

 The Imperial Consulate (right) and Garrison is well armed and staffed. Note the Imperial Landing pad to the left.

The Protest is not well tolerated by the Tatooine Imperial Consulate Representative. It is blasphemy around the Grand Moff statue and monument. It shall be broken up and the rebel resistance put into binders. 
"Hey, where are you taking that droid?" 

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