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Thursday, December 29, 2011

20mm Modern: Iraqi Insurgent HQ attack

I ran this generic 20mm 'Jihad!' game in May, 2010, but don't remember all of the specifics.  I think the U.S. forces entered the area and began questioning the local residents.  Reliable information pointed them in the right direction to find the local insurgent HQ and weapons cache.

 An overview of the game board.  The U.S. troops are already in town questioning the locals.

 U.S. Troops are questioning the townspeople on both sides of the street as an M2 Barley keeps watch.

 When the U.S. vehicles turned around to respond to the information gathered, one of the HUMVEES hit an IED, lost control and came to rest in the building. The crew did not survive the blast.

Here's another view of the accident scene.

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