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Thursday, December 29, 2011

20mm Modern: Battle at the Haj Musheen Mosque, Fallujah, Iraq

I ran this game in February, 2011. It was a recreation of the battle at the Haj Musheen Abdul  Aziz Az-Kubaysi Mosque on April 7, 2004 in the Iraqi town of Fallujah.

For some additional info on the actual battle:

U.S. Marines responded to insurgent gunfire coming from the mosque complex.  We again used 20mm miniatures and the 'Jihad!' rules set by Stan Johansen Miniatures. Here are the game photos:

 Here's an overview of the Fallujah neighborhood.  The Mosque complex is located in the upper left hand corner of the photo.
Terrain Note: Most of my buildings are made form foam-core board, sealed in PVA glue, then spray painted a dessert tan color. Each has removable roofs and 2nd floors, as well as most buildings coming apart into pieces to simulate bomb damage, if needed. The round domes are 1/2 styro-foam spheres, glued on and painted as well.

 A closer view of the neighborhood and the mosque complex.
Terrain Note: the roads are simply cut, black poster board with white pencil for lane markings. It works until I make something better.

 The Mosque complex.

As the U.S. Marines respond to the enemy fire coming from the mosque, the U.S. Marines are hit by additional attacks from adjacent buildings.  A lucky insurgent scores an RPG hit on one of the HUMVEEs.  Luckily the Trailing M113 and its 50 cal. gunner neutralizes the insurgents on the roof. Meanwhile, the U.S. Marines that exited the wrecked vehicle, toss a few grenades into the walled compound before proceeded to clear the building.

An insurgent take aim at an approaching HUMVEE with an RPG launcher, but misses, hitting the upper story of the building behind.
Terrain Note: The Mosque tower was a 'very quick' build out of an old flashlight tube and some bits.  The Door and windows (on other side) were simply printed and glued on. I'll go back and put a better 'top' on the tower. Thank goodness for fast dry paint.  It was about a 5 minute build. "Hey, I needed a tower, and needed it like yesterday.  That's what I get for no advance planning."  It's crude, but it works.

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