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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Modern 15mm Hotel 'Olympia' on comission.

A fellow gamer wanted a 15mm Hotel built for his upcoming Mogadishu game, so I built one.  There weren't a lot of references to go by, so I did take some artistic license in building it. I tried a new technique whereas I left the street side of the muli-story building intact, but built each floor individually so they fit right into place.  This way, you could have floor by floor fighting, without destroying the look of the building from the street-side. (Notice the two-story lobby space, continuous elevator shaft, and stairs to the roof in both corners.) The sign on the roof is removable (sign is built on a metal base and their is a small magnet on the roof) and I made additional signs for him to use.  Also, the palm tree 'oasis' in the courtyard is removable, giving him more flexibility there as well.

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