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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mos Tampania, 2007 Game

Here are some pics of a Star Wars Miniatures Battles (SWMB) game that I ran in 2007 in the fictitious spaceport of Mos Tampania. (As if the 'other' spaceports are any more real.) Essentially, the Rebels were in search of some needed droids for the Rebellion while trying to maintain a low profile around the Imperial Garrison in town.

Note the custom Droid market, run by the Jawas. Also, 'Yes', those moisture vaporators in the middle of the street are made from spark plugs and 'bits' as shown in the SWMB rules books. 

The Imperial Garrison in town. Can you spot the various styro-foam items? Styro balls? Styro cups? Styro packing material? (starship docking bays) 

 An overview of the whole Spaceport. There have been several additions since then.

 The Imperials begin to deploy as reports have filtered in about some unauthorized Rebel activities within the spaceport. "These are the droids we are looking for."

 The Rebels, in possession of some droids, now must get them safely to a waiting spaceship.

 Imperial Naval troopers enter from the south end. 

As the Imperial troopers in front of the Garrison Building take some casualties, the Imperial Storm Skimmer comes screaming down the street with laser cannons blazing away.

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