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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

20mm Modern: Iraqi 'Factory' Raid

Again, this operation was based on actual events that happend in Iraq.  Reliable intelligence was gathered and passed on to the local operations group.  A 'Factory' was rumored to be holding some key insurgent individuals as well as a stockpile of weapons. Unfortunately the intelligence report turned out to be false and instead was an ambush trap for U.S. forces attempting to infiltrate the 'Factory'.

Here are some pictures from the game in February, 2009.

 Here's an overview of this part of town.  The 'Factory Complex' (old school) is located in teh lower right hand corner of the pic. (Bldgs. 10, 11, and 12)

A view down the main East-west street, and there's a McDonald's up ahead ('MaDonal' in Iraq).

 Here's a better view of the 'Factory complex'.  Note the fortified roof tops and ample firing positions.
An enemy RPG missed the Bradley IFV and hit the MaDonal restaurant. No Big Mac's today.

 A HUMVEE with a roof mounted TOW (off to the right out of the picture) takes out the building shielding several insurgents that were putting down a heavy fire on U.S. troops advancing on the factory complex.

 A TOW from the M2 Bradley takes out the upper story of Building No.11 in the Factory Complex that was hiding an insurgent with an RPG. That's what you get for messing with Ronald McDonald!

The U.S. troops hit the ground running east towards the Factory Complex.  As they are checking out the garage (with the red/blue delivery truck), an IED explodes, collapsing the flimsy roof.  Luckily there were no U.S. troops inside. 

As the M113 makes its way down the street, the infantry will scale the wall and around the smoking building to reach the Factory Complex.   After that, it will turn into a simple mopping up mission, rounding up any insurgents that are left in the complex.

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