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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

20mm Modern: Iraq Highway Ambush

This is a game I ran in August 2008.  It involved a U.S. convoy patrol travelling down one of Iraq's highways.

 Somewhere on the way towards Kuwaiti Territory.  Note: The sign is printed onto paper and then placed onto a piece of adhesive backed, magnetic sheet. The sign support has a metal base, plastic tubing for the posts, and a horizontal metal plate that spans between the plastic posts.  This is what the magnetic sign attaches to, and can be interchanged with a variety of other magnetic signs.    

 A view down the highway.  The sign is constructed similar to the roadside sign above, only larger and wider.

 Another view down the highway.  You can see where there is a problem with the M2 Bradley IFV in the right lane.

 An overview of the table with a small, built-up area on the left at the T-intersection.
The M2 Bradley was damaged by a roadside IED, but remained functioning, albeit, a lot slower now. As the Humvee came along side and deployed it's squad, it came under fire from the town.  The Bradley responded with a few rounds from it's turret.
Terrain Note: See the custom Billboard for Iraqi Airways up on the hill.  Also, I do have 20mm camels, but they were the hardest things to find. 

The squad takes cover behind the Bradley from the insurgent fire.

Another Humvee deploys to the backside of the town and a squad investigates the first building. An M113 takes position in the crossroad to provide some additional firepower.
Terrain Note: The Iraqi ambulance in the lower left corner is one of my custom paint jobs, based on an actual Iraqi photo.  The big palm trees in the center of the road are quite inexpensive and available on ebay from a Chinese distributor.   All of the buildings are custom builts/paint jobs by me.

Another view of the M113 in the intersection and some of the US Squad taking up a position on the roof.

An Iraqi insurgent lays dead at the gate and the building has been cleared.  That's what you get for taking refuge in a child day care center. (At least that's what the pink sign on the wall says.)  A few more insurgents were killed as well as 2 squads that tried an attack from the opposite side of the road and behind the hill.  That attack didn't last long with the support of the Bradley sitting there. 

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