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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

20mm Modern: Iraqi town skirmish

Here was a game that was both run at a game convention and at my house. It is a typical scenario where a U.S. Patrol comes into contact and fire from insurgent forces. Here are some pics.

 Here was the convention game on a larger table.

 A U.S. M113 makes it's way through the center of town.

 U.S. forces disembark from their IFV's and start to deploy on the right side of town. A group of insurgents gather on the left side of town. There are many distractions, including some street work being done.

 Here is a shot of the US forces beginning to deploy.  4 squads start to fan out from the M113 and the two Humvees. The other M113 is a medical ambulance in case wounded need to be evacuated.

A better view of the whole village.

Another view of the village.

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