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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Battlestar Galactica 28mm Skirmish Gaming

I'm getting miniatures my painted to do a 28mm Classic (1978) Battlestar Galactica skirmish level game.

Here are some of the OOP Eureka 'One-Eyed Robots' aka Cylons. It's a long story how I go so many Cylons (30+), but it was a long drawn out process after tracking down on a lead at a game store about 1500 miles away.  They had them in a deep, dark corner of the store and I took them all. If only they had had some of the Eureka 'Apes with Guns' too.  But, my luck ran out.

 Final, painted Cylons with Gold Centurian commander.

For the Colonial Warriors, I took some of the 25mm Star Wars WEG figures and added a bunch of green stuff and metal wire to make some custom warriors, right from the TV show.  I need to paint up some additional 'generic' warriors, but haven't bought more yet.  GZG has some sci-fi troops that will work well, once painted in the Colonial brown & tan uniforms.

 A 'Green' Capt. Apollo.

 A 'Green' Lt. Starbuck.

(Left to Right) Commander Cain, Lt. Sheba, Lt. Bojay.

(Left to Right) Lt. Starbuck, Lt. Boomer, Capt. Apollo.

I have a large scale 'Viper' fighter to put together too for scenario specific uses, but haven't put it together yet.

A future project is to do a 28mm new BSG series game. Colonial Warriors will be much easier from a wide variety of sci-fi soldier/marine lines. (Soldiers in jumpsuits, flak vests, web gear, and laser pistols/rifles.)  For the new Cylons, I will probably use WOTC's Super Battle Droids.  When I get around to it, then I'll figure out if I'll make any modifications to the WOTC figures.

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