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Monday, December 26, 2011

15mm ACW: Battle of Little Rock, Arkansas

This was a fun recreation of the Battle of Little Rock, Arkansas, Sept 10, 1863. Unfortunately for the Rebels, history repeated itself.

 The Union army crosses the river and begins to deploy in two columns as they head north towards Little Rock, Arkansas, between the river and the bayous.

 That's a custom made pontoon bridge that comes apart into sections.
It was relatively simple to make in an evening.

 The Confederate forces send out troops to head off the Union advance before getting to the City's defensive positions.

 The Union is well formed up and ready to fight. The left flank has push ahead past the bayou and forward of the Union right. Union artillery made up of 12 pound napoleons and 3" rifles has set up in the middle of the field, ready to enfilade some approaching rebel troops at close range.

The Union is putting up a withering fire on the extreme right, routing a confederate artillery battery and shaking the confidence of the adjacent troops. Union Infantry is piling into the center in good order.

Confederate Artillery deployed on the left and in the center is checking the movement of the Union advance.  

The Rebel infantry in the corn field has found itself in a precarious position.  As the Union infantry pushes on it's right, Union artillery is putting a withering fire into the flanks of the 'Corn-federates'.  They're gonna need buckets to catch all this lead in the cornfield. Eventually, the single Confederate battery in front of the cornfield would be silenced, and the infantry would be forced back towards their own lines.  

The Union manages to deploy an artillery battery on the extreme right, protected by the river and lots of infantry support. This move would prove to be fatal to the confederate troops directly to the front, and cause them to rout down the road at a brisk pace.  

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