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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Terminator Salvation: Resistance at the Con, 2010

Here was some more Terminator goodness at a local gamesday, "Games of August" hosted by the Suncoast Skirmishers here in the Tampa Bay area.

In the foreground, inverted metal cans (coffee, soup, beans, etc.) are primed black and then lightly sprayed with grey for a weathered appearance.

The Resistance plans their move. The Resistance fighters were another 'great deal' .  They are 1/32nd scale action figures made by Forces of Valor.  They come packaged 4 to a set, pre-painted, and usually contains a bunch of terrain goodness such as signs, barbed wire, barricades, and etc. I've also got some modern, high quality 54mm troops (similar to plastic army men) molded in a tan color.  They're mounted, but I need to give them a paint job.

I've added a few more crates for this game as I had a larger table and needed more buildings.  The best thing is that I use the terrain/crates to carry the other terrain pieces in.  So, the storage containers turn into the terrain. What other game can you do that with?  

 The Hunter Tank makes it's way down the street.

The unlucky Porche.

The Terminator scans the street ahead for potential targets.

 The Resistance is on the move.

 The Hunter Tank takes some rocket fire, knocking out one of it's mini-guns.

 The Hunter Killer, swooping in to provide some aerial support, takes some serious damage from a Resistance fire rocket. The HK was forced off the board. The Resistance will take any small victory that it can get.


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