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Saturday, July 25, 2020

15mm American Revolution Project: Artillery

With a resurgence into the American Revolution, I have dusted off my unpainted 15mm AWI forces and started to paint them.  Up first are all of the artillery for the main combatants: Continental, French, British, and Hessian. 

Here's the complete artillery painted to date, including guns, crew, artillery limbers, and wagons. 

The Hessian artillery have the Yellow guns.  The Hessian artillerists are dressed in blue jackets with white vests and trousers.  The French artillery have the sky blue guns.  The French artillerists are dressed in navy blue jackets with red vests and trousers.     

The British artillery have the red guns.  The British artillerists will be dressed in blue jackets with red trim and white trousers.  The Continental artillery have a variety of colored guns including olive green, brown, and gray.  The Continental artillerists will be dressed in a variety of colored outfits.  Some in jackets of navy blue, black, and browns. 

28mm Battlestar Galactica (Classic) Miniatures

I've finally gotten around to finishing the painting and basing of my BSG (Classic Miniatures), both Colonial Warriors and Cylons.

Here's the Colonial Force.  These are a mix of custom sculpted/modified SWMB metal figures and plastic casted miniatures made from rubber molds that I made of the custom sculpts.  The Landram is a 3D print from a www.thingiverse.com file that I located. (It's not completely movie accurate, but it's close enough.) I still plan to make a custom one that is movie accurate. The wounded counters are made from a few 'miss-casts'. 

Colonial Warriors.  I have enough for 3, 6 man squads. I have some Star Wars Miniatures Battles (Wizkids) plastic miniatures that I'm going to repaint for a few more warriors and civilians. 

More Colonial Warriors.

Here's my Cylon forces. Most of the miniatures are metal Eureka figures called "Shiny One-Eyed Robots".  They weren't produced for long as the company was served with a cease and desist letter a long time ago.  I managed to get these out of a hobby shop up North were they were hiding in a dark corner for years. I did make a rubber mold of some and cast up a few more in plastic.  I used some of the 'miss-casts' for the casualty figures. 

Cylon Centurian Warriors.  The Gold ones are the squad leaders. 

More Cylon Centurian Warriors.

20mm Modern Iraqi Army

I've been a little lazy not posting to my gaming blog in a while.  But since the Covid-19 seclusion and social distancing has begun, I have had a lot of time to catch up on painting and building projects.

My latest additions: 20mm Modern Iraqi Army. 

Here we have some armored and support vehicles.  There are a variety of MBT's, BMP-1, Rocket Launcher, M8 Greyhound (In Iraqi colors) and a Russian Truck. (Russian/Iraqi aircraft are next, as I will be doing an Allied attack on an Iraqi airbase.)

Here are the Infantry.  The bases have been finished since this picture was taken.

Iraqi infantry special forces, or AKA the Republican Guard.  I used a couple of different camo paint schemes to differentiate the units. (I used some 1/72 plastic Russian Spetznatz for these)

Iraqi Infantry grunts in standard green uniforms and tan covered helmets, armed with a variety of Russian weapons. These are metal miniatures from unknown manufacturer. 

These are just before I added rocks and flocking to the bases.