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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Turning a $1 hummingbird feeder into a 15mm ACW Balloon and UFO Saucer

OK, so I found this hummingbird feeder for $1 at the "Dollar Tree" and the light bulb over my head clicked. (no pun intended, see below)  It's just the thing I was looking for to make a 15mm ACW observation balloon.

 Here's what the hummingbird feeder looks like.  I think it's supposed to look like a light bulb, complete with fake wire fillament? I don't know what a feeder has to do with light bulbs, but oh well?

 Here it is, taken apart into it's main components.  The two figures shown for scale are a 28mm and 15mm figure. I shouldn't have to say the smaller one is on the right, but I will anyways to avoid confusion.

 Now you see what I see.  I'll trim the tab off the top, sand down the mold line, and then it's ready for paint.
(15mm figure shown for scale.)  Add the netting over the balloon (Made from gauze bandage stretched out), some thread for the rope lines and build a basket for under the ballon. I'll mount it to a solid based with wire that will look like the support lines below, or onto a wood dowl.  I haven't decided yet.

 I already have this kit, unbuilt.  It's approximately 25mm-28mm in scale and will be used with my 28mm ACW miniatures when put together.

 A picture of the actual 'Intrepid'.

 Here's the basket and tethers below, keeping the balloon attached to the ground. One of the cables coming from the basket is for communication so that the guy (aeronaught) in the balloon can send messages about what he sees. I.E.: Enemy troop movements and strengths.
 Here's the process for inflation.  The generators on the left combine chemicals to create the hydrogen used to inflate the balloon.

 Here's another pic.  The generators on the left are mounted on wagon chassis'.

Don't forget, the first aircraft carrier was used during the ACW, not WWI.   That is the coal barge 'George Washington Parke Curtis' turned into a flattop.  

Now, onto part II of this project...

here are the remnants of the base of the hummingbird feeder.  Do you see what I see?

Yep!  I'm seeing flying saucer/UFO potential too, in a variety of scales.  "Waste not, want not!"  In a smaller scale, I could also see this being made into a space station for fleet scale starships.

(1) For this UFO project, I can see adding a clear half globe on top (part of a gumball machine, dispensable plastic 'egg'.  You must know what I'm talking about?) 

(2) I'll add some sort of round, flat piece of clear plastic over the 4 holes for windows/port holes.

(3) I can see it being painted silver or grey.

(4) I can see gluing those small fake jewels around the outside rim to represent multi-colored UFO Lights.

(5) I'd build some landing gear from bits and wire for the bottom.

Lastly, the yellow flowers will end up being glued to a base with other plastic greenery added for some 'alien' foliage or just tossed into the bits box.  You be the judge.

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