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Monday, January 30, 2012

20mm WWII: Operation Overlord (Normandy Project) U.S. Forces

Initial Thoughts: 

My current project is to do a skirmish level game for parts of the Normandy Invasion, June 6, 1944.  Initially, I'll do a 5'x8' game table set-up of one of the beaches, Utah or Omaha. However, I'm acquiring enough U.S./German troops, vehicles and terrain to eventually do a 5'x16' beach invasion for a convention.  Longer term goals will be to do some additional terrain and figures to do the British beaches.  

Additional convention ideas include a 3 table setup:  One table (#1) will have the beach landings with any victorious troops moving onto table #3.  Table #2 will have a portion of the airborne landings (82nd and 101st) behind the U.S. beaches. The surviving U.S. forces will continue onto table #3. The final game will be table #3, the attack/capture of Carentan.

Current U.S. Forces:

 7, LCA's on loan from the British Navy. (Resin Kit)

 5, LCVP's ready for the beaches. (Pegasus Plastic Model)

4, LCM's to carry men and vehicles to the beaches. (Forces of Valor, Plastic and die cast model)  I'll make an mdf base for each one, similar in style as the plastic bases supplied with the LCVP's.

One British LCI, to land additional infantry on the beaches once established. (Resin Kit) I've got one more still to be painted.

 Here's what the landing craft look like for relative scale.

I will probably scratch build an LCT-5 and LCT-6 (Landing Craft Tank) purely for looks on the tabletop.

 My lone DUKW.  It's a plastic model and hasn't been painted yet.  However, I may try out a resin model to see what it looks like.

 The DD Sherman's are ready for action.

 3 of the Waterline DD Sherman models ready for the channel waters.

3 of the DD Sherman's ready to assault the German positions from the beach, if they can make it that far.

Some of my extra Sherman's to be brought to the beach.

A collection of Hobart's Funnies. (L-R) 2, Sherman Mine Rollers (Forces of Valor), 1 Sherman Flail tank (resin kit), and 1 Sherman dozer (resin kit).   

Here are 2 of my Sherman tanks with full wading kit.  The tanks are from Armourfast, but the wading kits are my custom additions, simply made out of thin plastic styrene sheet.

Here is the painted Ranger battalion so far. These figures are all metal, mostly from Battlefield, SHQ, Britannia, and others. I've got a box of plastic Rangers (Pegasus Models) yet to be painted up and added to the assault forces.

 The engineers charged with clearing obstacles on the beach.

 Some of the casualties and medical staff.  I need more of each.

 The fighting portion of the Rangers.

 Gotta have some flamethrowers. They're lit and ready to go.

 Gotta have some Bazooka's to take out any potential enemy armor or strong defenses.

Here's a typical squad of men that might make it off of a landing craft.

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  1. What rules does this game use? Can I download or buy them from somewhere?
    I have a couple hundred american, british and german forces lying round but lost the rulebook and can't remember what it was called.

    If possible email me at mamboman1@gmail.com