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Thursday, January 26, 2012

20mm WWII: BAB- Moscow Campaign: Part I.

Our local gaming group really enjoys playing 20mm WWII skirmish-level battles, with a variety of rules sets including "Fire & Maneuver" and the "Brother Against Brother-WWII Variant". Our recent game is turning into a 3 part mini-campaign as the German Forces are advancing on Moscow during November-December 1941.

Part I: The Germans are advancing across the frozen rural lands located north-north-west of Moscow.  They are following the frozen river, snow covered roads and railroad tracks.  The Russians troops are putting up a spirited defense in order to stall the rapid German advance on Moscow.   

Here is one view of the table top before forces are deployed. The rail line running to the lower left is heading southward towards Moscow.  The Germans will be deployed along the opposite, long edge of the table which is NNW of the Russian Capital.
The Germans will enter the table from the edge containing the rural wood structures, capturing the rural countryside as they advance across the frozen land.  Just to the left of the center copse of trees, the Russians will be trying to retrieve their heavy artillery (a 203mm tracked artillery piece) before it gets captured and falls into enemy hands.

This is what you do when you buy up the discount, snow-covered miniature trees after Christmas each year. You end up with plenty of terrain for a winter Russian offensive. The mostly 'barren' area running through the center of the table is a frozen, snow covered river.  The bridge at the far end of the table is where the road crosses the river.  The rail line is located in the upper right hand corner of the picture. 
The German advance squad crosses the frozen river and the bridge. The road is snow covered, but you can follow it's path by the adjacent telephone poles.
The Germans advance through the rural area.

Looking through the trees and across the railroad tracks, the hidden Russian troops holding the railroad cut spot the advancing Germans coming down the road and across the frozen river. 

The Germans will need to cross the open terrain quickly as the Russian MG's start to pepper the troops with sporadic fire.
German Tank support reinforces the German infantry crossing the open terrain and draws some of the Russian fire.
Trying to protect the withdrawl of the Russian heavy artillery piece, two Russian Infantry squads take heavy fire from German Infantry advancing through the woods and down the snowy slope.

Here, the German infantry (in winter camo) is making steady progress while supported by their German Tank Escorts.  The Tank HMG's are keeping the Russian troops, trying to hold the rail line, pinned down and licking their increasing wounded rate.  The Russians would end up capitulating the rail line and retreating with what troops were remaining.  


  1. Great looking game, the white cloth looks very realistic, nice one!!!

  2. The cloth looks great, as long as you ingnore the creases from being folded. (Snow usually doesn't wrinkle that way.) lol