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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Eve 2011/2012 gaming: 15mm DBA

Since I was available to game on New Year's eve, one of my fellow, local gaming buddies also had the time available.  So, he was nice enough to come over and we played a couple  of DBA games using his miniatures.  Here are the two games:

 Game #1: This is the only pic I managed to take.  We both moved pretty steadily to engage each other. (My pieces being closest to the camera)  Initially I sent some light cavalry off to the left, which split off some of his units into the trees and then out to engage me.  The light cavalry was pushed back, but would get right back into it, getting into the flank and rear of the right side of the enemy's main line. Somehow on my right flank, my cavalry managed to hold off his cavalry and push them back.  In the center, my Bolt thrower was causing some havock, but the overlapping troops, flanking units, and rear units were putting a beating on what was left of his right flank of the main body of troops.  I finally made it to his command stand and eliminated it.

 Game #2: This time I remebered to take a few more pictures.  I was able to start with a 'bad going' field on each side that  might help to protect my flanks.   My heavy gun was placed near the center of my main body.  Of course, he had one too.

 Not being a frequent DBA player at all, I moved out of the bad going to try to engage his line. Duh? Stupid move on my part now that I look back at it! What was I thinking? I was holding my own until I kept getting pushed back and lost some units on my right flank.

Here you see the big gaps opened up as I lose some units in the center, including my heavy gun. Not good!  It wouldn't take much now to kill my command stand with little support.  Repeat to self, "when in the bad going with troops that do well in bad going, don't leave the bad going terrain!"

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