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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bloodbowl Project: The 'Other' Teams

I've been compiling a 'small' collection of Bloodbowl teams and figures.  I'm mostly anti-Games Workshop except for a couple of the 'squad' level games such as Bloodbowl and Necromunda.  GW never stayed with them or supported them long since all you needed to play was about a dozen figures and that was it.  Not very good for the GW profit margin, no matter how good the game was. The whole 'only with official GW figures' was another turnoff.  (OK, the GW rant stops there, for now.)

Anyways, I like the game so much that I want teams now before they become too difficult to buy/trade/steal from others. Here's a sampling of what I have and have a lot of painting to do. If I count correctly, I think I have 12 teams under construction with plenty of star players to go around.

 Here is my converted Lizardman team, full of Lizardmen, Skinks, and Kroxigors.  The BB Lizardman team is just too pricey, so I converted a bunch of plastic lizardmen and skinks, metal Kroxigors, and made a couple of star players out of a lizardman and some skink command figures.

 A closeup of the star players on the Lizardman Team.

 Here's the Goblin team with a couple of miniatures I picked up already painted, but most likely will receive a repaint to match the team.

Here's the undead team, under construction.  Again, they are scratch builds using the generic plastic skeleton figures with a couple of metal BB ghast/ghoul players.  I have a few of the free Mantic ghouls that I will be adding to the team. 

 Here are more of my star players.  I picked up a painted Slaan Priest in one of the lots I bought.  I don't know what I'll do with him, but I'll use him for something, maybe a coach?

Human Team #1: Here's another custom team under construction using Bretonnian miniatures. They may get painted in the Steeler's yellow and black scheme?

Human Team #2: Here's the basic human team with some added players. 

 The Elves are accounted for and ready to play.

I have another Dwarven Team using the original 'Dwarven Giant' figures (that was a challenge to get the OOP figures including the proper Death Roller and all the star players), but they will be painted in ACW confederate colors including a rebel flag flying off the back of the Deathroller.  

 Gotta have halflings! I think I have all of the OOP halflings as well as the Treant.  There's a couple of BB Snotlings at the bottom.  I'd like to find some more of the Snotlings too.

 Here's Ork Team #1 with the green skin.

 Here's Ork Team #2.  I think I may paint their skin a reddish color.

I also have an Ork Team #3 in the box that hasn't been fully put together yet. Other options would include blue skin or orange skin for this team.

Also not shown are an assortment of GW and other figures to be put together, primed and painted for use as crowd figures to go in the grandstands when I build a full stadium.  

Lastly, I'd still like to put together a chaos dwarf team and amazon team, just to round out the league.  So if you have one just lying around gathering dust, I won't turn it down if you send it my way.

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