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Monday, January 30, 2012

20mm WWII: BAB- Moscow Campaign: Part II.

Continuing our Moscow campaign using the "Brother Against Brother-WWII Variant", here is part 2 of our 3 part mini-campaign as the German Forces are advancing on Moscow during November-December 1941.

Part II: The Germans are advancing across the frozen rural lands located north-north-west of Moscow.  Following the rail line south, a German recon take up a defensive position in a small Russian Village while waiting for the remainder of the German army to show up.  Unfortunately, it appears that the German support troops are lagging quite a bit, perhaps held up by ice and snow issues. The Russians troops are putting up a spirited, but bloody offense to liberate the village while the Russian Armored Battalion races north, parallel to the railroad line with little resistance or opposition.  

Here's the Russian Front.  The Russian enter along the southern edge (on the left) and the Germans enter along the northern edge (on the right).

 A view of the Russian village. There are a couple of squads of Germans reinforcing and hiding inside the various buildings, setting up effective fields of fire.

 Here comes the Russians.  A two-pronged, massive assault by the Russian infantry.  Group 1 is heading to liberate the German held Russian village.  Group 2 is heading for the copse of trees in the center. The armored car and infantry will be used to 'plug' any holes.

 The Russian infantry assault is not going well.  Heavy casualties have staggered the initial wave with limited German casualties.

 Meanwhile, in the center woods, the advancing Russian infantry has stumbled into some waiting German Infantry, hunkered down at the crest of the wooded hill.

 The Russian armor with tank riders, races across the open snow, unopposed.  Lucky for the Germans that they are ignoring the infantry battles.

The second wave of the Russian Infantry attack tries to scoot to the flank of the town.  They were doing better than the first wave, until the German armor appeared in the town, with machine guns blazing. That could be why the Russian tanks couldn't find any German armor?

Coming soon: Part III, The urban battle.

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