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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Necromunda: The Orlocks

Here some of my additional Necromunda gangs, The Orlocks.  For these, I painted up two gangs of 8 (Red and blue headbands), but also painted their 'loin cloth' the same red and black checkered pattern so that they could fight as a single, 16 man gang as well.

 Here's the 'Red' Orlock Gang.

 Here's some of the 'Red' gangers and a heavy.

Here's some of the other 'Red' gangers. 

 Here's the 'Blue' Orlock Gang.

 Here's some of the 'Blue' gangers and  2 heavies.

Here's some of the other 'Blue' gangers.

...Up next are the Goliaths.  They're only primed and haven't had a paint scheme selected yet.  However, I may paint them in the same fashion as the Orlocks so that they can fight as either two gangs of 8 or a single, unified gang of 16.

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