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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bloodbowl Project: Bluebeard's Mauraders

I have a soft spot for Dwarves, so had to have a Dwarven Blood Bowl Team.  Not wanting to paint in GW colors (Don't get me started) I themed them as a pseudo-pirate team led by the fictitious and fearsome Bluebeard.
 Here's the whole Bluebeard's Marauders team!

 (L to R) The Apothecary, the coach, one of the star players, and the Death Roller.

 Can't have a Dwarven team without Dwarven Cheerleaders. Here's the 'B' girls.  Aren't they lovely.  Sound off: Bertha, Brenda, Buffy and Betty.

It's only appropriate that Dwarven referees be part of the game too.

Here's two catchers and Bezerkers.

Here are a few Blitzers.

Here's the steadfast Linemen.

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