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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fantasy Hockey Players and Game (Similar to Blood Bowl)

Concerning 28mm Fantasy Hockey Players:

The Ice Hockey game, "Cross Check" is available for download online. Here:

The miniatures that I bought were available from Brigade Games. I picked up all three teams. (Rat, Orc, Dwarf) link

I also saw a post about Impact Miniatures maybe doing some Ice Hockey players for 2012? They have one already and some sticks for conversions.

There are also some 1:50 Diecast metal and plastic Zamboni's on ebay pretty inexpensively.
(as an example and not an endorsement): auction

I picked up a few at a flea market for $2 USD each. I plan on modifying and repainting some into star players/vehicles and others as window/terrain dressing for the teams and rink.

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