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Friday, May 25, 2012

U.K. Forces in the Falklands

Here are a few pictures of my British forces currently in various stages of construction and painting for  a future Falkland Islands campaign.

Two 'cheap, plastic toy' Harriers with a great paint job to hide the fact. They came out much better than I had anticipated. They are so close to 1/72 scale, it's not even funny.

A little bit more painting of details to go. I was even able to easily remove the canopies and paint the cockpit and pilot. However, these toys came 'unarmed', so later I will need to add some rocket pods with the appropriate assortment of armaments.

Off to their mission...and some painting touch-ups and a clear coat. 

All of the British forces I have so far..in their various stages of painting. Harrier jets (rear), Scimitar light tank (center), and infantry (front).

 British infantry almost done.  Still need to detail and flock the bases.

Here's a mortar team to support the infantry.

I still need to acquire some British infantry in helmets, finish building a Scorpion light tank, and put the final touches on a British transport Helicopter.  

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