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Friday, May 25, 2012

Recent ACW Yankeetown Raid

As typical during the ACW, there were hundreds of small scraps and skirmishes in the state of Florida.  Most involved shore or river landings of Union Sailors, Marines, Dismounted Cavalry and sometimes Regular Infantry.  This game, run at a local 'games day', represents a typical inland skirmish as Union troops search the Rebel interior for stores of contraband and other military supplies while fighting off the local Militia or Florida reserves.

(Please excuse the unfinished ACW troops.  I'm still working on the first batch of 250+ figures, but at least the artillerymen are complete.)

 The rebels have some local militia and artillery deployed in the field of this little hamlet.  Additional Confederate troops are approaching from the left (out of picture).  The main Union force is approaching from the south (out of picture to the lower right) while the USCT troops that I was in charge of start to deploy along the road on the left.

 The Main Yankee force deploys in good order while leaving a gap for the 12lb Napoleon to shoot into the rebel troops. The infantry trade shots with the militia suffering a murderous fire.

The initial volley by my USCT squads had disastrous results for the approaching confederates. (I'm sorry Jacob.) My troops did take some casualties, but not nearly as many as the Reb's did.  I couldn't roll that good again if I tried.  After the Rebel threat on this flank was checked, the squads on the right will advance across the cabbage patch towards the barn building.

Here, a Union Company, after failing their morale check, was forced to charge the nearest enemy which was the decimated Florid militia unit behind the fence.  The Reb's were routed off the field and the Union unit didn't quite make it to the Artillery in the field. However, continued Union fire would eliminate the other Florida unit on the right and would start to mow down the CSA gunner's before they could remove the guns. A last ditch effort by a lone gunner failed to cause any additional Yankee casualties when he pulled the lanyard with his last action.

The Yanks were shot up, but there was no way for the CSA troops to retake any ground lost.  This would be a marginal victory for the Union Forces as they burn and pillage their way back to their boats while escorting captured contraband.

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  1. This was a bad battle for the Rebs, some was the commanders fault, but luck was against us too. In the end we were beat up and had to leave, but we could leave in good order which is a plus.