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Friday, May 25, 2012

Cheap flight stands for your 20mm aerial vehicles

I think I accidentally found an inexpensive way to display my 20mm (1/72nd) helicopters and aircraft on the gaming table. It should also work for other scales as well including 15mm, 10mm, and etc.  (Probably not so good for larger, 28mm or 1/43rd scale aircraft.)

When I run 20mm games (Modern, Vietnam, WWII), I prefer to have aircraft that can be brought onto the table, even if for the brief moment that it affects the board of play.

I was using a simple, bulky wood block (for stability) with a hole in it to hold an expandable, magnetic holder. (Used for picking up small, magnetic, metal parts)  However, I hate the look of it on the table.

My recent discovery uses the same magnetic 'wand' (about $2+ at most stores), but gets rid of the wood block.  In it's place is an inexpensive, short camera tripod with a screw attachment. (The one I found, I found at the Dollar Tree for $1.)

The camera tripod is on the left, the magnetic 'wand' is laying in front, and the two of them put together are on the right.   To connect them, I unscrew the end cap off of the wand and remove the pocket holder clip.  (Put it in your bit's box for other uses.) The remaining, threaded hole is too small for the tripod screw.  So, I drill out the hole so that it is slightly smaller than the screw.  I then firmly screw the tripod into the end of the wand, making my own thread grooves.  The hole could always be drilled larger, and simple glue or epoxy the screw into place. (Make sure the wand is extended so you don't accidentally glue the assembly closed.) The completed assembly can also be tilted slightly if desired, but because of the center of gravity, a vertical orientation is more desirable.

Because the 'wands' magnet is usually not too strong, I add a 3mm thick by 1/2" diameter 'super' magnet that I picked up at Michael's for about $4 (6 pack).  I have steel washers glued (CA glue) to the underside of all my aircraft to complete the assembly.

Here are some examples of my modern 20mm (1/72nd) aircraft up on their platforms.

Here's a diecast 'Forces of Valour' Blackhawk (L) and a plastic Apache Kit (R).

Here's the Apache at a declining, attack angle.
(Not recommended for most, but this is a lightweight plastic kit.)

Here's a diecast 'Forces of Valour' Desert Hawk (L) and a diecast 'Forces of Valour' Blackhawk (R).

Here's a diecast 'Forces of Valour' Desert Hawk (L) and the plastic Apache (R).

Here's a recently painted 'cheap, plastic toy' Harrier Jet (L) and a Blackhawk down on the deck (R).

Again, the Harrier Jet (L) and a diecast Predator Drone (R).

I can't forget about my A-10 Warthog! 
(This one took out a building and the Insurgents hiding inside, during close support of ground units.)

I also have an V-22 Osprey, but it's not pictured. Lastly, all of my Huey's are currently under construction to be used for the Vietnam games and other 1980's games such as the invasion of Grenada and etc.. 

(Yes, my games tend not to be too boring with these assets available.)

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