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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Japanese/Samurai Era Village-Part 2., the final chapter

Well, I finally completed the Japanese/Samurai Village.  I didn't plan on it taking 2 years to finish (It doesn't seem like that long...), but the project was interrupted by life, a new job, kids, and other activities that simply got in the way.

I accomplished most of my goals and added in a couple of additional items, but I think everything turned out great and appreciate that my friend is quite understanding.  (Plus, I think he'll have a grin on his face once he see's the whole village on the table.)

I'll create a separate page for each structure, so that you can see how each one evolved, from start to finish. (I guess, sort of like a tutorial?)  I had a lot of fun building these and learned a few more terrain techniques, such as the bamboo forests, curved roofs, and faux fur roofs. Now I can turn my focus to other projects including my 28mm Wild West town terrain and a 28mm Seminole Indian War wooden fort and other structures.

Here are a couple pictures of the final results.


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  1. I read through the various buildings, and I really liked the result! Great job on a great village.