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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Japanese/Samaurai Terrain: Bamboo Forest

Cut 1/8" diameter dowels to various lengths and prime paint. (2"-6" for 28mm)
Separate/trim the plastic foliage into smaller branches.  Also cut about 2-2 leafs per bamboo trunk.
(1) Paint the dowels an olive-green color.
(2) Paint tan colored horizontal lines about every inch or so.
(3) drill a small hole in the top of each trunk and into the side of the trunk (varied around the diameter) at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rings (for tall bamboo trunks) for the 'leaves'
(4) glue the branch into the top of the trunk.
(5) glue the leaves into the sides of the trunk.
I used 1/8" mdf for the bases.  I drilled 1/8" holes for each trunk.  I glued each trunk into the holes, starting with taller trunks in the center of the terrain and working my way to the outside with progressively smaller trunks. 
'Branches' can be glued to the base without a 'trunk' to represent new bamboo growth.
The bases had glue and sand applied.  When dry, the base was painted.
The painted base had glue and 'grass' applied.

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