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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dead Walk Again: Florida Zombie Apocalypse

We recently held a 'monster' of a 28mm Zombie game.  When 6 people normally show up for our weekly game, we had 12 show up, plus myself, the Zombie Master. Luckily, I have enough survivor figures and a decent scenario, so we were able to split up the forces appropriately.

We used 2 squads of 4 police officers, 2 CDC staff, 4 Redneck clan, 4 NRA Militia types, and 4 National Guardsmen.  I had a box full of zombies and eventually deployed close to 200 of them, recycling many of them.

Here are some pics from the night (of the Walking Dead, Florida Edition) with some of the scenario background information for flavor.

(An overview of the small Florida town in Central Florida)

Scenario: “The Initial Outbreak; Central Florida Evacuation”

October 2012

The dreaded brain disease has finally reared its ugly head.   There are reports throughout Florida that a sickness has taken over the bodies of many individuals.  These ‘hapless’ seeming people have been seen wandering aimlessly throughout the cities and towns, attacking civilians and causing overall mayhem.  Some early reports even make reference to these attacks as almost animal like, with the attackers feasting on the limbs of the victims.  Experts don’t know what is causing the ‘disease’, but say that these are ‘isolated’ incidents and no need to be alarmed.  

Local law enforcement has been overwhelmed with calls to assist the civilian population.  The Governor has called out the National Guard to assist local law enforcement agencies to deal with the menace.  A voluntary evacuation order has been issued for all coastal and central Florida areas.  The law enforcement and emergency management agencies are assisting with the evacuation as best as they can.  

 (One of the two major roadblocks on this side of town manned by the local police and 'Zombie Response Team'.)
Local Law Enforcement

The local city and county law enforcement agencies are manning several roadblocks in an effort to create a security perimeter around the city, to help facilitate the civilian evacuations, and eliminate any of the ‘diseased’ threats.  The officers have been instructed to shoot at any ‘diseased’ individual and protect the civilian population.  It is recommended to shoot hostile targets in the head as damage to other parts of the body seem to have had little effect.

“Attention all units, this is CDC command. There are reports that the security perimeter has been breached…be on the alert that the last helicopter….…Arrghhhh!!! No, get away…Owww…Bang-Bang-Bang!...Oh my god, I’ve been bitten…..help m…..<static>” 

(This is the other roadblock.  However, these deputies decided to jump in their Sheriff's Pickup truck and abandon their post at the first sight of a suspected zombie.) 

(The CDC has set up a Zombie Response Team Center and Civilian Rendezvous area in the parking lot of the local hospital.)  

(With the abandonment of this fortified roadblock, the zombies easily take control of the intersection and proceed up the street towards the CDC HQ.) 

(A hoard of zombies shamble towards the CDC facilities virtually unopposed.) 

(The helicopter arrives with National Guard support after some local staff members eliminated the zombie threat at the landing zone.)
Florida National Guard

The Governor issued an order calling up the local National Guard units to respond the repeated requests of local law enforcement. They have arrived via helicopter with automatic weapons and vehicles, but they are spread thinly throughout the city.  They will do their best to protect the civilian population and to defend the states security interests.  Evacuation of the CDC staff and civilians is a priority.

(Half of the redneck team in the Jeep are overtaken by a few zombies.  The redneck duo take out the zombies, but not before suffering a flesh wound each.  The rest of the clan is catching up in their 'Winebago' from the Kwik-E -art.  They were searching for some food supplies to satisfy their victory conditions.")
Polk County Rednecks

It seems that the week, poor, and drug addicted were the first to be infected with the ‘disease’.  Therefore, Polk County was one of the first counties overrun by the blight.  Luckily for this Redneck Clan from the ‘Rural Ghetto’, their mobile home was well protected from the neighborhood by tall fences and lots of guns. Seeing that their days may be numbered if they stay in the compound, ‘Pa’ has decided for the family to make a break for the city in order to evacuate the area and perhaps join some of their relatives up ‘north’ in Kentucky and Tennessee.

(Here, the Florida Militia Fanatics race through town in their HUMVEE SUV trying to find some businesses to loot for more guns and ammo to satisfy their victory point conditions.")
Florida Militia
“You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead, fingers.”
The local NRA and other gun enthusiasts have seen enough inaction by local government authorities.  Therefore, they have taken up arms and are trying to evacuate the area, taking out as many ‘diseased’ individuals that they can.  Supplies are low, and they will need to acquire some supplies as they attempt to leave the city for greener, and hopefully safer pastures.
 (This police squad has since left their roadblock as well as the zombies began to outnumber them. Here, they are trying to clear a path as well as rescue/force the evacuation of some civilians in order to meet their victory point conditions.)
(The deputies are trying to clear a path for their truck and rescue some civilians as well.)

(The Zombie hoard proceeds towards the CDC and the loan gunman after running past the previously abandoned roadblock.  After an ill-timed gun jam, the zombies eventually overun this officer dealing some severe wounds and future zombification. 

 (A pic of the line of zombies proceeding up the street unopposed. It's like a scene out of Thriller.)
The final tally was two minor wounds to the Rednecks, 1 CDC staffer taking numerous wounds (future fatality), and 6 civilians eaten and turned into zombies. An estimated 120 Zombies were killed in the exchanges with the players. The PC's played very well, covering their escape and isolating herds of zombies.
Fun was had by all and we look forward to another Zombie game.



  1. Very cool David. That's a very impressive board you have there!

  2. This was a metric ton of fun to play!

  3. But don't forget, David, it was the Deputies who left their poorly constructed post who won the game by satisfying their conditions (rescue as many civilians as we could cram in our truck) and get out of town via the road on the other side of the table!

  4. Great game there! Love the buildings! Did you make them or buy them? I love to see more posts about the modern buildings you have.

    Oh what was the rules you used?

    As for the flavor as a local here it was funny to read the run down above...great stuff...

  5. The Rules are the "Dead Walk Again" or DWA. They are free and vailable through the yahoo group of the same name.


    The buildings are a mixture of types. I have some Resin Bldgs (which I dislike due to the weight), many O-Scale 'Plasticville' buildings which work very well (check ebay for the deals, such as ones that were put together and now are being parteed with cheap.) and many scratch-built buildings. (I am an architect after all, so I have lots of terrain building skills.)

    Look at my other DWA games for more 28mm pics. I also do a lot of modern buildings for my 20mm Middle East games and WWII games. Modern 20mm U.S. buildings are coming soon as part of a downsizing to 20mm zombies and terrain.