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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Signs, Signs and more Signs...

Since I've had such a positive response to my Zombie terrain pics, including all of the signs, here are the signs that I have. You'll notice that most of the signs were customized for the city of West Chester.

I added two, 3-D Cow Miniatures painting the sign, just like you see in the real world.  

Victoria's Secret; Why not?

Here's another good use for those magnetic advertisements usually attached to the front of your yellow pages book.  In any modern/future game, you're always going to have death, taxes, and lawyers. 

Pawn Stores are everywhere.  

We ran one series of scenarios based on the show '24'.  So, I created some signs to be placed on the tabletop.  

Need I say more? The best puns in the world can be found at Hooters.  

I don't know what they're advertising, but I'm sold.  

 Every city has to have their favorite greasy spoon.

That lizard certainly gets around.  He was even spotted in West Chester.
Here are the sign files (8.5"x11" .jpg's)
Billboard Sheet #1
 Billboard Sheet #2, with some additional Zombie themed signs and barricades
Store Signs #1: Some generic and not-so-generic store signs for your city retail buildings.


  1. The Chik-fil-a sign is great. That really cracked me up!

  2. The sign project is great! I need to borrow these when I get to work on Super System 3 gaming!