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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Let's get POLITICALLY Correct...

Our local game group has a set of rules, and one of them is not to have political discussions during games. (Or at least we try to keep them extremely limited and civil.)  A couple of us are obvious Democrats while others are staunch Republicans.

So, during our most recent Zombie Apocalypse game, I decided to have some fun with the terrain. (I am so evil sometimes.)

First, I have several billboard frames with metal washers attached.  This allows me to have a multitude of billboards, color printed onto paper and mounted to magnetic sheet that easily 'sticks' to the metal washers on the billboard frame. So, I downloaded a few photos of pro-democratic and/or anti-Republican ads, simply imported them into Microsoft Word, and turned them into billboards.

(Here's the tall billboard made of wood dowels, foam-core board, metal washers, and some 'granny plastic'.)
(Here's one of the roof top billboards.  The frame is made from bass wood, and the sign board is made from foam-core board and some metal washers.)
(I always seem to work McDonald's into the Terrain, one way or another.)

Then I figured, "what good are billboards if they're aren't matching yard signs to go with them?"  So, I made Obama-Biden yard signs.  They were pretty easy to make.  The sign frame was made from a piece of a metal paper clip, bent into a 'U' shape with two little legs at the end of each U leg, in order to be glued to a base.  The sign was color printed with two signs, side by side, cut out, and then folded in half to make a double-sided sign.  Then this was glued over the metal frame and walla...a yard sign.

Needless to say, there were several smiles and chuckles on both sides of the political aisle that night. I even let some of the yard signs go home as souvenirs of the evening.    


  1. (via TMP)

    Red state or blue state... zombies don't discriminate.

    A clever idea and I see you can switch them so the gag doesn't get old (or, in a few weeks, simply outdated). I'd have made my own signs with even scarier candidates (Randall Flagg for President?)...

  2. Yes, being able to change out the signs is the best part. The signs for most of the buildings are done the same way too. I've glued small metal washers to the building facade where the signs go. I can instantly change the local 'Dollar Store' to a 'Nail & Spa' store with the quick switch of a sign.

    Even the campaign yard signs can be modified quickly by glueing new signs to the existing ones, after the election is over though.

  3. Love the convertible sign, will need to see if I can duplicate the same...