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Monday, October 5, 2015

Battle at Government House, Stanley, Falkland Islands, April 2, 1982

The Battle at Government House, Stanley, Falkland Islands, April 2, 1982

The Argentinian Forces deployed on the Islands the night of April 1-2, 1982.  One of the main goals was to capture the Government complex in Stanley. (See the dashed red circle and flag, map above)
The first Argentinian assault was launched at 6:30am local time. Armored/amphibious infantry traveled through Stanley and up the main road towards to Government House Complex on the hill. (from the right on the map)
The second Argentinian assault, to support the 1st assault, was launched from the southwest, coming up and over a rocky and mostly barren hill to surprise any engaged UK forces from the rear.
(and it worked.)   
The Government House Complex in the game.  A contingent of over 30 UK Royal Marines were stationed here to protect the governor.  The marines were strategically placed around the complex to defend it against attack.
(Notice the British vehicles in the compound, including the Governors Black car.)

The Argentinian 'Elite' Infantry make their way through the streets of Stanley approaching the Governor's House road.

The approach up the hill towards the Government House Complex.

Royal Marines hidden in cover unleash an AT round at the approaching AMTRAK, loaded with a squad of elite Argie Infantry. So much for the first wave.
Elite Argie Infantry decide to move back down the hill and regroup after taking heavy fire from the Complex.
Regrouped, the Argie infantry advances up the hill again, but first shooting some smoke to cover their advance.   

 More smoke as additional mobile infantry is brought up the hill.  The UK Marines retreat back towards the Governor's House and take up new positions there. A later attack from behind the Governor's house will split the UK Marines and slowly reduce their fire power until they surrender.
The Royal Marines inflicted much heavier casualties during the game than the actual battle.
...next up will be the Battle of Goose Green and the Skirmish at Malo Top House.


  1. some inaccuracies here - the first assault was on the Moody Brook barracks aporox 0615 hours - the barracks were unoccupied. The argentine assault on the rear of the barracks was certainly a surprise - but it was repulsed - the assault team was made up of 501 Commando - their equivalent of the SBS - their leader was a LT Cdr which should give you a clue

    1. Thanks. Yes, the first assault of the Argentinian invasion was on the Moody Brooks Barracks, but this scenario was only the attack on the Government House Complex. The assault on the empty barracks actually alerted the UK Marines at the Government house that something bad was about to happen. A small group of Buzo Tactico (Argentine Commandos) attacked the back of the Government Building @ the maids quarters, but 3 Argentinians were killed and 3 others were captured trying to hide. The remaining Buzo Tactico were repulsed by some light machine gun fire. My game picks up with the first major assault on the Government House by Argentinian regulars and LVPT-7A's coming up through Stanley.

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  3. Hi David, Hunt’s house was surrounded by 16 Argentine Marines’ Comandos Anfibios (Amphibious Commandos) leaded by Corvette Captain (I don’t know the equivalent RN rank) Pedro Giachino; when they reached the target, the second leader, Frigate Leftenant Garcia Quiroga, who had excellent english, ordered the Falkland Defense Force to surrender, obviously the brits refused to it. Then Captain Giachino made his way through the house by kicking a door, unfortunately he had been hit by a machine gun burst in his leg (and getting his femoral arteria cut), however he kept shouting orders to his team; seconds after that, Leftenant Garcia Quiroga ran to save Giachino but he was also hit, Second Corporal (Nurse) Ernesto Urbina was hit too in his attempt to heal both of his chiefs. The Commandos used so many firepower and stun grenades that made the brit garrison to belive they were been attacked by more than a hundred commandos and gave their weapons up. Argentine Forces were ordered to avoid enemy casualties, certainly the most difficult task for a soldier, but they accomplished the mission succesfully, sustaining 3 casualties, Frigate Captain (PM) Giachino KIA, Frigate Leftenant Garcia Quiroga and Corporal Urbina WIA